196812 Picture of Marilyn Moulds and Alice Bundt Minneapolis War Memorial Blood Bank


Photos, laboratory tools and keepsakes from the 1960s to present time illustrate the history of blood banking.


Transcripts and notes from presentations Marilyn has delivered to various organizations over 50+ years.
1975 Large picture of Gamma Biologicals

Reagent Manufacturers

Various manufacturers of blood bank reagents.


Honors bestowed upon Marilyn and John Moulds for their contributions to immunohematology and blood banking.

Spanning a career of more than 55 years in the field of immunohematology, Marilyn Kay Grandstaff Moulds’ (MKGM) Blood Bank Museum is a treasure trove of industry history and memorabilia. Included in the collection are laboratory tools used to test various aspects of blood, photos of famous blood bankers and other keepsakes, transcripts of speeches Marilyn has presented to organizations over the years, and awards she and John Moulds received throughout their careers.

For anyone with an interest in blood banking, immunohematology, rare blood types, or transfusion services and blood centers, the MKGM Blood Bank Museum is a must see exhibition!

Parts of Marilyn’s collection are available for loan to organizations who want to help educate the public about the blood banking industry.


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