About Us

Marilyn Moulds began her career in 1966 in Chadron, Nebraska as a lab tech in a small hospital. She has worked at blood banks throughout the country, including Rapid City, South Dakota; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Houston, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia where she retired. After moving to East Texas in 2006 to be near family, Marilyn decided to go back to the field she loved and began working, first in Shreveport, Louisiana and then in Longview, Texas. She now consults and shares her extensive knowledge of rare blood types and diseases associated with them.

The idea for the MKGM Blood Bank Museum stemmed from an online conversation Marilyn had with some of her friends. A social media post trying to determine an anonymous person’s condition evolved from Marilyn’s blood banking friends discussing what the condition was and to Marilyn’s other friends discussing their blood types and other sanguine topics. Marilyn saw that there was a widespread interest in the history of immunohematology and the idea for the MKGM Blood Bank Museum was born.

For now, the museum exists digitally with physical pieces available for various organizations to borrow. Eventually, Marilyn hopes to bring her collection on the road and to a brick-and-mortar site in Kilgore, Texas.

Marilyn is a member of the South Central Association of Blood Banks (SCABB), the International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT), the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) and the Invitational Conference of Investigative Immunohematologists (ICII) . She has received numerous awards, including the special awards bestowed by SCABB (Scientific Award and Larry L. Trow Memorial Education Award) and AABB (Ivor Dunsford and Sally Frank Awards) and has delivered many presentations throughout the United States and the world on a number of blood related topics.